Conversion des mods de Giskard vers SSE

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Conversion des mods de Giskard vers SSE

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Bonjour à tous,
Je suis en train d'échanger avec Giskard concernant les portages vers SSE, il est entièrement d'accord pour des portages réalisés par la confrérie et visiblement il y a déjà une bonne nouvelle et quelques conseils technique.
NP, tell them that the primary problem is the scripting and the trigger boxes. The fighters guild mod and the Demon hunter mod but have broken elements caused by porting and the last skyrim patches. Specifically the Fighters guild Karth Wasten mission, and a Damon hunter quest involving vampires. Best advice is dont trust Skyrim trigger boxes, they are very dodgy. Find other ways to trigger quests such as dialog on NPCs.
Btw since my marriage ended recently I may be back to modding soon. In the mean time I may make a video blog to help your users if i get time. Tell them to look out for Nanobyte Ghost on youtube.
got all the time in the world now and theres a few things i wanted to fix, including those things listed above. Btw check moddb, not sure of they removed the SSE ones i by i did make some untested conversions and i did upload them there. Dark Lore Grimiore for example works great, not had any issues with that.
Not had much trouble with Helgen either but ive played that less than DLG
Fighters Guild and Demon Hunter are the buggy ones broken in the last patch and SSE updates, they both still work but at some point the bugs hit and no more missions.

@Staff : Mettez ce post au vous voulez.

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