Corps masculins de Robert 3.4

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Re: Corps masculins de Robert

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Je crois que le PNONV est capable de le faire, sinon il existe un outil nommé archive invalidation invalided qui est pas mal.
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Re: Corps masculins de Robert

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Ok merci a toi Kaos ;)
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Re: Corps masculins de Robert 3.4

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Maj du mod en 3.4. Changelog :

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Seems I had some of my 4.0 wip meshes installed when I was working on the .esp, so here are some fixes for the clothing sorry about that.
- Fixed Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit texture.
- Fixed Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit texture.
- Fixed Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit texture.
- Fixed Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit texture.
- Fixed Naughty Nightwear texture.
- Fixed Civilian Engineer Jumpsuit texture.
- Fixed NCR Engineer Jumpsuit texture.
- Fixed Red Racer Jumpsuit texture.
- Fixed Repconn Jumpsuit texture.
- Fixed Handyman Jumpsuit texture.
- Fixed Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit texture.
- Fixed Wasteland Surgeon Outfit texture.
- Fixed Sexy Legion Patch File Path
- Added Experimental Pipboy Glove Option
- Added Experimental Hand Fixes
- Fixed Honest Hearts underwear patch.

- Repacked everything to be a easier install.
- Tweaked meshes to make a fully no nude version for vanilla and DLC.
- Added Courier's Stash DLC Patch
- Added Roberts Dead Money DLC Patch
- Easy install Hairy Patch
- Remade Boner Addon and rerigged/weighted it
- Added Sexy Legion Patch
- Added Pipboy Fix
- Added and Edited Lonesome Road Marked Men textures
- Fixed purple hand issues for Raiders and Ghouls
- New Dirty Raider textures
- Fixed .esp clothing textures
- Added Bashed Tags
Et y a un FOMOD maintenant.

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